Texture Pack


Want to try multiple Miss Alice products? Or put together a travel package? Our #TexturePack is designed to do just that!

Choose as many products as you like in smaller packs (5ml and 10ml – depending on the product) below.

Click to select a product and click again to remove it from the selection. Below all products, the price of the #TexturePack with the selected products is shown.

Bakuchiol (+€7,90)
Night Shift (+€7,90)
AHA, So That's The Secret! (+€7,90)
Face It, You Love Me (+€7,90)
Radiant C10 (+€9,90)
Hey, Gorgeous! (+€6,90)
Wake Up (+€6,90)
Radical 7.5 (+€7,90)
Lipoactive BHA (+€7,90)
Click to select, click again to deselect.
Glow With The Flow (5ml) (+€6,90)
Ferulic+Stable-C (10ml) (+€8,90)
Biotic Barrier (+€6,90)
Under Control (+€6,90)
Peptology (+€13,90)
Azelaica Triactive 6% (+€9,90)
Azelaica 10% (+€11,90)
Hello, Skin! (oily/mixed skin) (+€7,90)
Hello, Skin! (dry/sensitive skin) (+€7,90)
Grand total

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