Skincare Routine – your map to happy skin!

A skincare routine is a selection and order of skincare products, tailored to your skin and your skin concerns. We usually have a daily and night time or evening routine.

The goals of your routine are up to you – you decide what you want to achieve and how you want your skin to look and feel.

With problem-free skin, the goals are most often keeping your skin healthy and glowing while minimizing future problems (comedones, breakouts). The focus is usually on hydration and antiaging care.

When you’re dealing with specific skin problems (like acne, redness, dry skin and so on), your routine is aimed at improving or solving these issues.

We need to add something else: your goal should be aligned with your own values. Some are happy and proud to show their wrinkles or imperfections, others prefer fighting skin aging. There is no right or wrong here – everybody is entitled to their own version of beauty. Here at Miss Alice we believe the main thing to focus on is how you feel in your own skin. So take care of it for yourself, not for others. And never fall for unrealistic standards.

A routine can have very few products (for example 3, cleansing products included) or a lot (7 or more). It’s usually best (and cheaper) to start small. A simple routine will be easer to follow and you can always upgrade it later.

Some users prefer a quick and simple routine. Others like a lot of products and layers (good skincare products behave differently than makeup – even with many layers you should never feel like you have plaster on your face). Sooner or later you’ll figure out what works best for you and your skin.

There’s no need to simply copy a routine from someone else (for example, a content creator on Instagram). You could, but it’s usually better to start with your goals and skin concerns. You can always consult with us or, if you prefer, there’s also quite a few content creators who know what they’re doing and will be happy to help. The main point is to figure out what your skin actually needs and how to include the products you already have.

We believe a skincare routine should only include products that:

  • you love using (otherwise you’ll never stick to the routine)
  • your skin tolerates well (nobody wants side effects or reactions)
  • deliver results in the way how your skin feels and looks (that’s the whole point of skincare)

Before making big changes, stick to your routine for at least 3 months. This will help you avoid introducing (and buying!) too many products to your skin, which makes it impossible to know what’s working and what isn’t. We know, there’s always a new and exciting product on Instagram, but what you should care about are results – not the latest thing being promoted.

A lot of skincare products (or, to be more precise, their actives) need a month or two to show their effect. Some take longer (antiaging ingredients, for example). And some are formulated to be act faster – that is mostly in the areas of hydration, cleansing and sebum control. 

When introducing changes to your routine, start with you feel isn’t working at the moment. Is the skin still too dry? Has there been no improvement in the past couple of months? Do you hate the way some of the products feel on your skin? Make changes with a specific goal in mind, this will make it easier to both get results and avoid buying stuff you don’t need.

Even if you’re just starting out with “serious” skin care, there’s a good chance you already have a product or two on your shelp. It’s simply common sense to use them up!

When putting together your new routine, try to include your existing products. We can help you with that. Together we can figure out how to integrate your current products or recommend products that would fit perfectly while avoiding any incompatible actives.

You’d be surprised how many times we’ve heard something similar. Don’t worry about it, a lot of people are perfectly happy without any sort of routine. 

A skincare routine is simply an upgrade – the result of you saying “I want something better for my skin”. It’s a choice, not a must.

When starting out, start small. Fewer products, fewer rules. Skincare can only work if you use it regularly – which you won’t if your routine is too complicated or time-consuming.

The simplest and best thing to start with is – cleansing. We know it’s the least interesting part, but seriously, we can’t stress that enough. If you’ve been a bit lazy with skin cleaning, improving this will bring the fastests results. It isn’t even step one, it’s step zero.


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