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Only real reviews matter! A few weeks after purchase we send out an email with an invite to leave a review. Every customer can choose a number of stars (1-5) and write a little bit about her experience with Miss Alice. We publish ALL reviews, the good and the not-so-good.

Generally speaking, about 3-7% of customers will leave a review. We’re insanely grateful to all of you who take the time to write a review and helping others.

We don’t publish last names as we see no need for that nor do we have our customers’ permission to do so. That’s why we only publish initials or whatever name the customer writes in her review.

A review may have a “Verified” badge. This badge verifies that a customer’s and reviewer’s email match. However, since we collect reviews from multiple Miss Alice local shops (German, Croatian, Slovenian … ), a lot of the reviews on this global (English language) shop are without this badge.

Below are reviews left on our global, English-language shop, as well as reviews left on our local shops.

“Wait a minute, where are the bad reviews?!”

A valid question. When shopping, we also always look for “the bad ones”! So where are ours?

First of all, we publish all reviews. But the truth is that we simply don’t get that many bad reviews. Usually, something other than the product must be to blame for a rating of 1 or 2 (unless we manage to release a really bad product, which can always happen, but we work hard to avoid that). For example, a lost package, damaged product and the like – we always successfully resolve such bad experiences directly with customers, so there has never been a need to sort this out in reviews (or in other words, if something’s wrong you send us an email and we fix it).

Another reason for a very poor rating may be false or excessive expectations. That’s why at Miss Alice we don’t exaggerate our promises, because we know what we can achieve and what is out of scope for cosmetics.

From our point of view, a score of 3 is already a bad score. It usually means that the product did not live up to expectations, wasn’t a good fit for the skin or that it was simply not suitable for the user. We don’t like any of this, but we realize that it’s impossible to please everyone when it comes to skin care.

Note: we receive reviews from customers all over EU, so some reviews may be in different languages or translated to make them more useful to you.

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RETINAL LEVEL UP / krema za lice s retinalom


Čudovita krema. Vse kar obljublja, drži.

RETINAL LEVEL UP / antiage krema z retinalom

Gospodična Alice, zakon si!

Azelaično kislino uporabljam po priporočilu kozmetičarke in moram reči, da je moja koža po 5 mesecih redne uporabe v resnično mnogo boljšem stanju.

GLOW WITH THE FLOW / dnevni vlažilni fluid s peptidi

Amazing find!

Someone recommended this brand to me on YT. ( I was looking for a retinaldehyde percentage in between 0.1 and 0.2, as I don't wanna develop any skin irritation by going to fast between the different percentages of vit A ( Before I was using the G & G 0.1 %). I live in the Netherlands and my items arrived within five days of ordering them. I've been using the 0,15 % for three weeks now ( 4 times a week) and so for no irritation at all. It sinks into the sink really fast and the next day I wake up with a nice glow on my skin. I also love the fact it's an affordable vit A cream, since I don't have the money to buy from luxury brands ( life's getting way to expensive for that with the prices of everything going up here).


Odlicna krema, zadovoljna sam

SALLY / čistilec s salicilno kislino (30g)

FERULIC + STABLE-C / antiaging vlažilni fluid s ferulično kislino in stabilnim vitaminom C


Nekoliko manj sem zadovoljna z novo embalažo. Serume uporabljam že nekaj let in prvič se mi je zgodilo, da malo curlja.


Vsi priporoceni izdelki so res super za mojo kozo. Hvala za vse odgovore in nasvete!


Koža je neprimerljivo boljša z uporabo seruma. Pri meni sicer ni šlo čez noč, ampak vztrajno uporabljam že tretji stekleničko in opazim res spremembe. Pore so manjše, koža in lep glow, hiperpigmentacije so pa skoraj neopazne.

RETINAL LEVEL UP / krema za lice s retinalom

GLOW WITH THE FLOW / hidratantni fluid za lice s peptidima

RETINAL LEVEL UP / krema za lice s retinalom


Krema Peptology = mehka, gladka, navlažena in sijoča koža.

Must have serum

Hey Gorgeus je holly grail v moji negi. Tisto, ko iščeš vlažilni serum, ki ti da tisti občutek navlaženosti - in to je to. Zvesta uporabnica tega seruma že zadnje 3 leta. Ne menjam

RETINAL LEVEL UP / fortschrittliche Retinal Creme

PEPTOLOGY / peptidna krema z liposomalnimi ceramidi


Vedno sem imela problematično kožo. Na posvetu pri dermatologinji mi je priporočila vaše izdelke in nikoli jih ne zamenjam. Moja koza je zdaj gladka in sijoca, brez mozoljckov. Prijatelji mi povejo da imam zelo lepo kožo in končno tudi jaz tako mislim. Hvala hvala

Retinal level up

Odlican proizvod po pristupacnoj cijeni