we’re changing what beauty is.

We’re all about real babes. Real skin. Real shapes.

We don’t have supermodels. We don’t photoshop our skin. And we don’t have fake curves and empty promises.

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Our products are designed to bring happiness. That means NO testing on little fuzzy creatures.


Our formulas are designed to be a perfect match for your skin and your attitude. They’re also thoroughly tested under strict EU laws.


Your skin doesn’t need paraffins, parabens, silicones and other nasties. That’s why there aren’t any in our products.


Spela Ceglar Miss Alice founder

Spela Ceglar, CEO / Founder

Hi, babe!

Don’t you just hate it when brands try to make you feel bad about your butt, your hair or even your pores? I think cosmetics should first help you feel good, the “look good” part comes after. That’s why I wanted Miss Alice to be different – exciting, fun and empowering!
Our products are clean & effective – that means only good stuff with none of the BS. Yes, I really want to you check the ingredients of our products! But having great products that work is only half of our story
You’re a #gorgeousbabe because you feel like one and it has nothing to do with looks. This is what Miss Alice is all about: helping you feel confident in your skin so you can go after your dreams!
I hope you have fun choosing & using our products and being one of Miss Alice’s #gorgeousbabes!  Don’t forget to post your thoughts on Instagram, drop us an email or get in touch on Facebook – we got this far by listening to our babes and I would love to hear from you, too!
Thanks for being part of our story! 
PS: want to get in touch with me? Shoot an email to girlboss@missalicecosmetics.com

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