(recommended serums, skincare routine and what to expect)



(based on your answers)


HEY, GORGEOUS! will intensely hydrate your skin and give it a glowing, healthy look.

WAKE UP will nourish your skin and prevent it from drying out. It also has strong antioxidants that will help your skin stay healthy in the long term.



(how to use the recommended serums)


  1. Optional: cleansing
  2. 2-3 drops HEY, GORGEOUS!
  3. 2-3 drops WAKE UP
  4. SPF cream (30-50 SPF factor)
  5. Makeup


  1. Essential: (double) cleansing
  2. 2-3 drops HEY, GORGEOUS!
  3. 2-3 drops WAKE UP



Proper cleansing is essential for a healthy, good looking skin and achieving the results you desire. Double cleansing is rapidly becoming the standard when it comes to cleaning your face. That means you first use an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser. Read our blog about double cleansing. We know - cleaning your skin isn't nearly as exciting as trying out your new serums or exploring new skincare. But trust us - clean skin is essential for results. It will make the active ingredients in your serums more effective and you'll avoid or resolve a lot of problems with your skin.
Always apply your serums on clean skin. In the evening, always remove your makeup and other dirt & impurities. If you skin cleaning routine is kinda lame, take a look at our blog about Double Cleansing. If you're ever wondering - water-based hydrating serums always go BEFORE any oil-based serums. For example, Face It, You Love Me goes before Wake Up, or Hey, Gorgeous! goes before Bakuchiol Starter Following You.
You can (and should!) layer our serums. Try to combine just 2 at the same time: 1 hydrating, followed by 1 oil-based. You can of course use a different combination in the morning and in the evening.
Want the tweak the recommended routine? Include other products? Got a specific issue or goal that our quiz missed? Let us help you! What about adding other products? Generally, our serums play really well with other products and brand. But there are some active ingredients that are not compatible with each other - that means it's probably best you don't use them together on your skin at the same time. Usually, you need to be careful with fruity acids (AHA), retinoids and similar ingredeints. If you're unsure how to combine your current products with our serums, get in touch and we'll gladly help you out.
You can always apply your regular hydrating cream over our serums. However, many users find out that with they often don't really need their hydrating cream (moisturizer) anymore. That only applies if you're using a combination of a hydrating and oily serum. What about SPF? We recommend you always use a high SPF cream (30-50). Apply it over the serums.
You don't need to take a break with our serums. They are formulated for everyday use. The only exception is AHA, SO THAT'S THE SECRET. With AHA acids, we recommend you start 2-3 times a week.
If your skin became much more oily or problematic all of a sudden during pregnancy, a good serum-based routine can help. You'll find a lot (perhaps too much) of information online about ingredients to avoid during pregnancy. Mostly, they revolve around vitamin A - retinol. Keep in mind that this mostly applies to prescription-based creams and treatments, not regular skincare - you'll never reach problematic dosages with regular skin products. However, since you probably have enough worries as it is, we recommend you avoid NIGHT SHIFT during pregnancy. It doesn't even contain retinol (but a different, much less problematic form of vitamin A), but if you need some extra peace of mind, best avoid it. There are no limitations during breastfeeding, you can use all our products.



(what can you expect)

  • skin won’t dry out too fast (reduced TEWL – transepidermal water loss)
  • hydrated skin (glowing skin without feeling too tight)
  • smoother skin to the touch

When will you notice results?

Some effects can be notice very soon or even immediately (1-2 uses) - these are mostly related to hydration, skin smoothness and feel. Some are mid-term (a month or two), like spots, dry patches and so on. And some can only be observed in the long run (antioxidants, for example, prevent some forms of damage to your skin, but you can't notice that in a week).

Wondering if you'll achieve your goals with our serums? Get in touch! We've helped thousand of users - we'd love to meet your skin and have a frank conversation about what we can achieve together.



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