Retinal for beginners

Retinal is the strongest retinoid available in OTC skincare. It’s stronger than retinol! But – is liposomal retinal, the most effective active for problematic skin and antiaging care, the right choice for you?

Find out more about its effects and take our quiz to check if retinal is right for your skin!

QUIZ: Is retinal the right choice for your skin?

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How does retinal work?


Retinoid are known for their effects on spots and acne – and retinaldehyde is the strongest retinoid in skincare!

If you’re dealing with skin problems, adding retinal to your skincare routine can bring great results.


Retinal boosts collagen production, skin regeneration and lightens hyperpigmentations.

This improves your skin in the long-term: slowing down the look of saggy, tired skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentations.


Retinal increases cell turnover which helps improve the texture of your skin. You’ll notice it’s smoother and healthy-looking.

What do our users say?


“The only retinal cream that actually works and I’ve tried lots of them!”

– B.


“Softer skin, my pores have shrinked, I think I found the perfect care for my skin!”

– D.


“I also noticed it totally helps against spots I often get before my period. No more painful white spots! I simply love it.”

– L.

Best Seller!

“Retinal, retinol … it all sounds the same to me!”

We get you. You care about the effect on your skin, not all the little things us #skindorks talk about. Here’s a quick rundown: retinol is the most famous member of the retinoid family, while retinal is its more modern and stronger brother. Our opinion: retinal is simply better.

“I’m 30, 40, 50 … is this the right thing for me?”

Do bartenders sometimes still ask if you’re over 18? If so, then no, you definitely don’t need retinoids right now. And congratulations, we’re jealous.

Adding retinal to your skincare routine has little to do with your age and everything to do with the current state of your skin. Your skingoals also play a big part – it all depends on how you want your skin to look in the next months as well as the next 5 or 10 years.

“I’m lost, I need more info!”

No problem, we’re total #skindorks and we love talking about skin. Get in touch, we’ll discuss your skingoals and help you set up a daily routine that brings results.