We’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!
(well, you can, but where’s the fun in that, right?)

Here’s the deal.
1) Post your products on Instagram in the next 14 days, 
3) use the hashtag
and we’ll send you good vibes, karma points &
 a 5€ coupon code for your next purchase!
You’ll receive the coupon code either on your email or your Instagram inbox. You can use it on your next purchase over 25€. The coupon code will be valid for 3 months.
BTW, if your Instagram profile is private, we can’t see your post.  But you can send us a screenshot of your post and we’ll send you the coupon code.

Questions & (hopefully) Answers

Q: How will you see my post?

A: We’re watching Instagram like a hawk! And we just go nuts when someone shares their love for Miss Alice. As long as you don’t forget to use the hashtag and tag us, we’ll see your post. 

Q: My Instagram profile is private. Now what?

A: No worries, we respect your privacy. Just send us a screenshot of your post to heybabe@missalicecosmetics.com and we’ll send you your coupon code.

Q: How will I get my coupon code?

A: After we see your post, we’ll either try contacting you on Instagram and sending you the code via a direct message or we’ll send the code to the email you gave us when you placed your order.

Q: How do I use my code?

A: There’s a small box when you go to checkout in our online store. It says discount code/coupon. Type your code, hit the button and it will be applied to your order. Note, your order value must be at least 25€ (without shipping) for the code to work. 

Q: How soon after my post do I get my code? 

A: We’ll send you your code in 2 days after your post. If you don’t hear from us after that time, please get in touch and we’ll fix this mess.

Q: I haven’t received my code or my code doesn’t work! What’s up, guys?

A: We must’ve messed something up. Sorry about that. But we can fix this! Just drop us a line on heybabe@missalicecosmetics.com and we’ll get you sorted out.


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