BECOME A Miss alice #nofluencer

What the heck is that? Our idea is simple. In the beauty industry, there’s way too much bulls*it and way too little honesty. Women are getting totally overwhelmed with all the recommendations and products – no wonder, when their favourite Instagramers push a new product every day. “OMG, this one’s my favourite!”

That’s why we don’t want you to “influence”. We’re confident your followers can make up their own  minds. We want you to inspire them to feel confident in your skin – that’s our mission, too! And we’d be thrilled if you’d help us spread it!

And if your followers decide to give our products a try, we’re sure they’ll thank you for it – so far we’ve had raving reviews! 


Honest content creators on Instagram and YouTube, who:

– spread positive energy and skin&body positivity,
– are at least a little bit interested in skincare and
– inspire their followers with great content!

We consider content creators that have at least 1.500 followers. Why? Because we’ve learnt that smaller content creators often haven’t yet figured out what their “thing” is – what makes them interesting, inspiring, different. You should focus on that first, before going for brand collabs.

Just a heads-up:
If your content is too promotional (only paid posts in your feed, videos, product photos etc.), we’re currently not interested, regardless of your follower count. Hope you understand.

WHat can we offer

First off, any sort of collaboration can only happen if you genuinely like and use our products. You have to be able to stand behind your recommendations and opionions.

What we can offer then depends on your content, your reach, your engagement.

Free product 🤩
We’ll send you free Miss Alice products, so you can try them out. 

Promotion of your content 🥰
We love great content and we’ll share and promote it across our channels. When you’re a serious content creator, it’s always good to be seen, right?

Monetary compensation 🤑
L’argent, dinero, Geld, money. We need to make something clear –  we are not buying your good opinion of your products. But we do appreciate the time and energy you put into your content and engagement. Let us also add that we prefer supporting creators who are trying to turn this into their job. We know it’s not easy.


Well, get in touch! Drop us an email at or an Instagram DM. We’ll check out your profile and let you know whether we’re interested for collaboration at this particular moment.

If we click, we’ll send you a bunch of products so you can try them out. Then we’ll talk about what we can do together.

“What if I don’t like your products?😱”

No worries. It can happen. In that case, you can keep the the products (or make a friend happy 😉) and that’s it. We won’t expect anything in return – no posts, no content, no fake review, nothing. Hey, maybe you’ll like something we cook up in the future and we’ll try again!



Just like your followers, we are:

– excited by video,
– grateful for good blog posts,
– curious about unboxings, tests and new experiences
– happy to discover something new!

We’ re open for anything that inspires your followers to be more confident in their skin! But in the end, you know best what kind of content your followers love. You’re your own #bossbabe! Who are we to tell you what to do? 

Just a tiny warning:
What we’re definitely not interested in is filtered, photoshopped, (too) perfect Insta posts. Trust us, we know how to make them, but we choose not to. That is not #realbeauty or #realskin – if anything, it makes women less secure in themselves. We’re not interested in promoting the beauty ideals of big brand cosmetics, with whom we have nothing in common 😉

Miss Alice is proudly made in EU with ❤