“OK, skin, let’s go!”

This guide will help you select a combination of serums most suited to your skin. You’ll get a recommendation of serums and skincare routine.

Consider this a starting point to happier skin! You can always change or replace certain products – if you need help, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you build an even more personalized skincare routine!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my age matter?

Active ingredients don’t care about your age – they just work. Your age also isn’t the main factor in skin aging. However, there’s a good chance that as your skin ages, it needs more moisture and a bit of extra care. That’s why we ask about your age (whether you’re over or under 35) in the quiz – just so we can fine tune our recommendation a bit.

Do I need to use all the serums recommended by the guide?

Our guide gives a recommended combination of serums. That doesn’t mean they don’t work on their own – far from it! They work best together, but you can of course change or replace anything in the recommended routine. Consider the result of the quiz as a starting point.

If you want to start with just a single serum, we usually recommend one of the hydrating ones – either HEY, GORGEOUS! or FACE IT, YOU LOVE ME.

Can I combine your serums with _______ (insert your current skincare products)?

Most likely! Get in touch and we’ll help you build your skincare routine to get the best results.