At Miss Alice cosmetics we believe beauty is about how you feel, not how you look. But what we believe doesn’t make it any easier for you, does it?

The truth is, it’s hard to feel beautiful when all you see are “perfect” shapes, photoshopped curves and flattering angles. We want to change that!

Find out more below. Is it enough to change everything? No. But we’re just getting started! 


We have no supermodels. 

JUST real BABES WITH Real CURVES AND Real skin. 

We have no photoshopped skin. 

No erased spots. No removed imperfections. 

We don’t overpromise. 

we can’t make you taller, shorter, skinnier or bigger. but we can make you feel gooood about your skin! 

Take care of your skin. It will make you feel good about it. Which will make you look good in it!

Real Skin,  

Real Beauty!