AHA, SO THAT’S THE SECRET! / skin firming serum with AHA fruity acids & hyaluronic acid (15ml)


What is this?

A facial serum with AHA acids and hyaluronic acid. It reduces the visibility of small wrinkles, works against hyperpigmention, helps fight and prevent acne, balances oily skin and renews your skin cells. pH 4,5.

5 Benefits Your Skin Will Love:

  • Anti-Wrinkle Effect
  • Reduce & prevent hyperpigmention
  • No oily feeling for a matte effect
  • Fights acne and balances skin
  • Smooths, regenerates and hydrates

For Skin Types:

Problematic, oily, acne-prone, mixed, mature or dry skin. We don’t recommend it for very sensitive (allergies, red skin, reactions to many skincare products) or very dry skin.


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AHAs are the kind of thing you didn’t know you needed until you give it a try! We formulated this serum for all you babes who want to improve the look of your problematic, mixed or oily skin. Like all our products, it’s effective and BS-free.

– Spela Ceglar, founder of Miss Alice lovemade cosmetics

We’re bad at keeping secrets. So let’s talk about AHA Fruity Acids and what this amazing facial serum can do for your skin! But, you know, don’t tell anyone.

What are AHAs?

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are naturally occurring acids found in certain fruits. It just so happens they have great effects on skin: they reduce the visibility of small wrinkles, work against hyperpigmention, help fight and prevent acne and balance oily skin. AHA, SO THAT’S THE SECRET! also hydrates your skin because we added hyaluronic acid and plant proteins.

There’s another benefit: AHA acids remove dead skin cells from your skin, leaving it fresh and smooth.

How does this serum work?

AHA, SO THAT’S THE SECRET! contains 5 AHA acids that make your skin smooth and soft. The serum is reinforced with hyaluronic acid for hydration and plant proteins for a skin firming & lifting effect. You use it 2-3 times a week for maximum effect.

Key Ingredients

5 AHA acids from fruit

Our serum contains fruity acids from Bluberry, Sugar Cane, Orange, Lemon, and Sugar Maple. Your skin gets the benefits of 5 natural AHAs: Lactic Acid (from Blueberry), Glycolic Acid (from Sugar Cane), Citric Acid (from Orange and Lemon), and Malic and Tartaric Acids (from Sugar Maple).

Hyaluronic Acid

This is the Beyonce of moisturising ingredients. Insanely popular, gorgeous and hard working! Hyaluronic acid is all of that and more, making it the perfect choice for skin hydration.

Aloe Vera Juice

Relieves skin irritations and adds extra moisturizing properties to our serum. Aloe Vera juice also fights against acne and slows down skin-aging signs.

Hydrolized Corn Protein

Corn proteins have both elastic and binding properties – they firm and lift the skin in addition to providing nourishing and conditioning benefits.

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba oil has a soft, pleasant, refreshing smell. It is helpful in regenerating collagen, making your skin more firm. It  reduces redness around acne.


You can check the entire list of ingredients (INCI) by clicking here.

This product contains NO:
mineral oils
propylene glycol

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How To Use

Apply on clean and dry skin. Use up to 3 times a week. Use it before going to bed or in the evening. You can feel a tickling sensation after applying the serum – that’s normal for AHA acids. But if a burning sensations appears or it feels uncomfortable, stop using the serum –  your skin might be too sensitive to AHA acids (it’s rare, but can happen).

Don’t use it during the day, especially if you are going sunbathing.

If you still want to use it during the day, be sure you use a UV-blocking daily moisturizer after applying this serum.


Appropriate for problematic, oily, mixed, mature and dry skin. We don’t recommend it for very sensitive and very dry skin.
For best results, follow up with Wake Up morning serum and Night Shift overnight skin repair serum.


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