We’re all used to big promises and skincare products that fail to deliver. There’s something wrong with that.

So we did things differently.


white label

OR alibaba

+ Why is this important?

Do you ever wonder why there’s so much skincare? Because it became so easy to launch a skincare brand based on white label products (products made by another brand that you simply resell under your own name) or cheap products from global marketplaces (Alibaba and similar).

The question is – if a brand can’t even formulate their own products, do they even know anything about cosmetics? Do they know what’s in their products? And most importantly – do they know anything about your skin?

At Miss Alice, we’re strongly against such practice, because your skin isn’t something to fool around with for a quick buck. Skincare with strong actives is not a simple phone case or a fidget spinner. Credibility is everything.


in-house development

+ Why is this important?

Bold promises and pretty photos don’t work on your skin. You need actual molecules to deliver results.

We research and develop all of our formulations. That’s how we can do things other can’t.

That’s how we know exactly what’s in our formulations, how they work and why they work.

Credibility is everything.


advanced users

We don’t mislead with ingredients or concentrations, because we know you can read na INCI list.

We don’t promise magical results, because we feel it’s high time for more honesty in skincare.

But we do promise formulations that work. Credibilty is everything.

Thanks for being with us. Welcome to the new generation of skincare.