Serumi! Kako djeluju i kako započinješ sa upotrebljavanjem?

Definitivno si ih primijetila: kod Instagramera, u oglasima, kod prijateljice … Serumi postaju jedan od najpopularnijih proizvoda za njegu kože! Zašto? ŠTO JE UOPĆE SERUM? Serumi su kozmetički proizvodi koji sadrže visok postotak aktivnih sastojaka i to je ono što ih razlikuje od ostalih kozmetičkih proizvoda. Djeluju više ciljano – njihovi sastojci prilagođeni su specifičnim […]

Tvoja koža će obožavati Dvostruko Čišćenje – evo zašto!

Available languages Moramo nešto skinuti s duše: zapravo ne volimo naziv “dvostruko čišćenje”. Čini rutinu dosta neugodnom. Kao da kažeš da si dva puta usisala stan. Nitko to uopće ne voli raditi, a kamoli dva puta! Ali dvostruko čišćenje je toliko popularno, mora postojati nešto u njemu, zar ne? Pročitaj da bi saznala! Brzi uvod […]

Doppelte Reinigung – was ist das und wie funktioniert sie?

Available languages Zuerst ein Geständnis: wir mögen den Begriff doppelte Reinigung (engl. double cleansing) eigentlich nicht. Als ob du sagen würdest, du hättest deine Wohnung doppelt aufgeräumt. Schon einmal aufzuräumen haben wir keine Lust, geschweige denn zweimal! Allerdings ist doppelte Reinigung eine sehr populäre Hautpflegemethode, also muss schon etwas dran sein, oder? Alles darüber erfährst […]

Your skin will love Double Cleansing – here’s why!

Available languages We need to get something off our chest: we don’t really like the name “double cleansing”. It makes the routine sound annoying. Like saying you double-vacuumed your apartment. Nobody likes doing it in the first place, let alone twice! But double cleansing is so popular, there must be something to it, right? Read […]

Active Ingredients for Beginners

So, what are Active Ingredients? Let’s start with the long answer: active ingredients in skincare are biologically active compounds that affect your skin cells and mechanism, responsible for skin texture, humidity, elasticity and other characteristics. Phew, that’s a mouthful. Ok, let’s simplify things: active ingredients are skincare ingredients that have a targeted and visible effect […]


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