Become a Miss Alice test bunny babe!


Do you like trying out new stuff? Want to try out Miss Alice products before they are launched? Then the Miss Alice Beta Tester Club is for you!

We’re constantly developing something new. Before we launch a new product, we make sure people are happy with the feel, texture, effect, packaging and so on.

We do everything we can to only launch products people will love. Testing on real people is an essential step.

How does it work?

  1. You fill out the form below and tell us a bit about your skin.
  2. When the time comes we’ll send you a (free) product we’re working on.
  3. You give us your honest feedback (in your own language) via an online form that we send on your email. That’s it!

Is it safe for my skin?

Absolutely. We only test products that are already in the late stages of development. That means:

  • products have already been tested on skin (you are not the first to try this formulation on skin)
  • safe levels of actives
  • safe and lab-tested ingredients
  • safe formulations (correct pH, safe concentrations and so on)

The Beta Club IS NOT for testing allergens, reactions or any sort of safety issues. As with any cosmetics product, unwanted effects can happen, but we always formulate our products to minimize the chance of that.

What are you testing?

Basically, we want to know if you like the product. That usually means:

  • how do you like the feel of the product on your skin,
  • how easy it is to use,
  • how does it combine with your other products,
  • how do you like the effect,
  • how do you like the packaging
  • and similar stuff.

How often can I try things?

When we have a new product ready for testing, we’ll send you an email and tell you all about it. And then you can decide if you want to try it out. It might be once or twice every 6 months.

Please understand we can only have a limited number of beta testers, since we can’t send every test product to all of you. We also need to make sure different skin types and skin goals are represented. So please don’t feel rejected if nothing happens from this – it’s not that we don’t like you, maybe we just didn’t have anything to test or maybe we needed different skin types 🙂

Where do I apply?

Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch once we have something ready (might be a week, might be 3 months – it all depends on our development).

Fill out the form in your own language (slovenski, hrvatski, deutsch … don’t worry about it 🙂

GDPR things: all the data will be used strictly for the purpose of the Beta Tester Club. You will not be added to any marketing email lists and your data will not be shared with third parties. By submitting the form you give us permission to save your email address together with other data you type in and contact you via email regarding test products. You can request we delete all your data at any time, just send us an email.

Thanks for being part of the Miss Alice story, you rock!❤