WHEN I MET YOU IN THE SUMMER / sweet raspberry body scrub (200g)


 Natural | 🐰Cruelty-Free | No Nasties

This exciting body scrub will bring back those sweet, sweet summer memories! At least the ones you haven’t filed under “This was a mistake, don’t ever call me”.

When I Met You in the Summer is our fresh and sweet natural body scrub, made with cranberry and raspberry seeds. It removes dead skin cells and dry patches while delivering beneficial fruity things to your skin.

So next time you feel like having a slice of summer, just get into the shower, scrub your worries away and let those memories flow!

In Stock

Deep Cleansing, Sweet & ExcitingRaspberry  | Enriched with Coconut

How to use

Open your new shiny bag. Pour a handful of scrub into your palm. Get in the shower. Scrub over wet skin.*

*for best results, combine with (bad) singing or (good) company


Here’s what’s beneath my party dress.

These are the main ingredients that make this product work so well. You can check the entire list of ingredients by clicking here.

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