SHUT UP AND LET’S DO THIS! / coffee-powered body scrub (200g)


What is this?

The perfect body scrub for all you over-achieving babes! A natural coffee body scrub that helps you kick into high-gear: it’s powered by arabica seeds and cold-pressed coffee oil.

This scrub will keep your body smooth and lovely and wonderful. It also serves as a handy reminder to quit whining and go crush it!

It will make a fine gift for one gorgeous babe that’s looking at this coffee scrub right now and thinking “Dang, are they talking about me?”. Yes, yes we are. So let’s do this!

Why will your skin love it?

  • removes dead skin cells
  • nourishes and softens the skin
  • smells like vanilla&coconut
  • does not dry out your skin
  • bye, bye dry skin


Coffee Coconut Vanilla Scent | Enriched with Coconut Oil

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