BAKUCHIOL STARTED FOLLOWING YOU / facial serum with bakuchiol (15ml)


What is this?

Facial serum with bakuchiol. Formulated for skin barrier repair and skin rejuvenation. An amazing retinol alternative!

5 Benefits Your Skin Will Love:

  • Restores glowing and soft skin
  • Strong antixodaitev properties for longterm skin health
  • Improves skin elasticity and balances tan
  • Helps prevent hyperpigmentation
  • Strengthens the skin barrier

When To Use:

You can use it in the morning and evening. Made for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
A bottle will last you 2-3 months.


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Bakuchiol is an active whose popularity is skyrocketing! It’s a perfect addition to our serum family. Bakuchiol is a very special retinol alternative with skin effects of its own. When I first tried it, it was love at first touch!

– Spela Ceglar, founder Miss Alice lovemade cosmetics

Retinol alternative – what does that mean?

Bakuchiol is often called a retinol alternative. Retinol is one of the most popular skincare actives, but it doesn’t suit everybody. It’s also a bit more complex to use: there are certain actives you can’t combine it with, you shouldn’t go out in the sun immediately after use, it’s not really recommended for pregnant women and so on.

BAKUCHIOL, on the other hand, has been shown to have the same effects as retinol but without all the drawbacks. That’s why it’s such a popular choice for women who want a natural, but effective and skin-friendly retinol alternative!

If you’re already using a retinol product, you can safely combine it with bakuchiol.

For more, check out our blog about bakuchiol!

Adding bakuchiol to your skincare routine

First apply a hydrating product to your skin (such as our Hey, Gorgeous! or Face It, You Love Me serums), then use BAKUCHIOL STARTED FOLLOWING YOU. That way it’ll also lock in the moisture in your skin, preventing it from drying out. You can safely use any other products after BAKUCHIOL (such as SPF cream or other products).

You can use bakuchiol every day, morning and evening. There’s no need for any pauses or breaks, it’s that skin friendly!

Key Ingredients


Bakuchiol is a 100% natural botanical compound (phytochemical), sourced from leaves and seeds of Psoralea corylifolia (Babchi). Has retinol-like effects, without any of the drawbacks. Something new and exciting in clean skincare – you need to try it!

Rosehip Oil (organic, cold pressed)

Full of antioxidant to help fight premature skin aging and the damaging effects of sun on your skin. One of the most popular oils in natural skincare!

Seabuckthorn (CO2 extract)

Helps repair and strenghten the skin barrier. A wonderful ingredients for all sorts for skin issues, including skin dryness. CO2 extracts are the purest form of plant extracts.

Squalane (plant based)

Softens your skin and helps with intensive regeneration. Squalane is often used as a standalone facial oil, it’s so good.


You can check the list of ingredients (INCI) by clicking here.

This product contains NO:
mineral oils
propylene glycol

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How To Use

BAKUCHIOL STARTED FOLLOWING YOU is an oil based serum. That means it goes on top of any hydrating products you use.

Basic use: apply on clean and dry skin. You can use it every day. Use it in the morning or before bed. Don’t wash off. If you’re using any hydrating products (such as our Hey, Gorgeous! or Face It, You Love Me), apply those before BAKUCHIOL (that way it’ll help lock in the moisture).


Daily Dry Skin Routine

Hydrating serum (Hey, Gorgeous! or similar)
SPF cream

Evening Oily Skin Routine

Double Cleansing
AHA serum (such as our AHA, SO THAT’S THE SECRET!)
Night cream (if desired)


Appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive, reactive or problematic skin (oily or dry).




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