ALWAYS EARLY / ALWAYS LATE natural roll-on deodorant (30ml)


Look, there’s nothing exciting about deodorants. No matter what the commercials tell you, a deodorant will not help you land a better job or turn you into a rockstar supermodel mom CEO. But you know what a good deodorant will do? It’ll make you smell good.

We formulated our natural deodorant to keep you fresh without clogging up your pores. It contains no antiperspirants, sodium bicarbonate or other stuff you’d rather avoid.

It comes in two flavours, both based on essential oils:

Always Early has a fruity citrus scent.

Always Late has a floral scent.

So which one are you? Late? Early? You can even get both and be right on time!

No AntiperspirantsWith Essential Oils | 99,7% natural ingredients

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